Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti-Harassment Training

Compass Consulting Services, LLC offers Equal Employment Training (EEO) and Harassment Training. Training can be standalone or part of an organization's annual mandatory training suite.  

EEOC Investigations and EEOC Training

Compass is certified by EEOC Training Institute in Washington, D.C. Additionally Tameka Taylor, Ph.D and Shemariah Arki  are certified by the EEOC Training Institute in Washington, D.C., to conduct EEOC investigations. Insure your company understands EEOC laws by contacting Compass today about our EEOC training.

Objectives of EEO training may include:

  • Define and differentiate between diversity & inclusion
  • Recognize diversity as multi-dimensional
  • Examine perceptions of individuals who are different from yourself
  • Discuss EEO and the regulations
  • Recognize the cycle of discrimination
  • Discuss ethics and the importance of ethics in the workplace
  • Review an organization's policies and procedures on ethical misconduct

Anti-Harassment Training

Compass has years of experience conducting anti-harassment training across many industries. The training includes hands-on activities, case studies, real-life examples and ways to address harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origins, age, disability or genetic information.  Training lasts at least 90 minutes and works best with a class size of 25 participants. Compass works hard to incorporate your company policies with the anti-harassment training.  

Objectives of anti-harassment training may include:

  • Discuss the organization's harassment policies
  • Review case studies to help us better understand examples of harassment
  • Define what respect means
  • Discuss the importance of effective communication
  • Recognize the difference between intent vs. impact

For more information on how these services can help you, your organization, and/or your team, please contact us at 216-299-7335.