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We work with organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.  Our clients include for-profit and non-profit organizations, schools, social services agencies and governmental offices.  We have worked with teams as small as three members to larger groups of one hundred members.  We have worked with youth and adults and have the skill set to work at all levels of a system - individual, group, and organizational.  We are experts in customizing our services to meet your organization's needs and we will work with you to decide on a plan that best fits your needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

Design and delivery of customized training around the following topics: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building

In addition, we offer services in:

  • C-CAT Administration (Communication Climate Assessment Toolkit)
  • Strategic planning and the implementation of strategic plan
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Facilitation
  • Focus Groups
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Regulation, Ethics, and Harassment Training
  • Retained Expert Consulting
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Diversity Council Training/Employee Resource Group Training
  • Performance Based Management Training

Sample of our workshops:

  • Diversity is Not Just Black and White
  • The Cuyahoga River: The Great Divide
  • Diversity and Inclusion Management
  • How to Lead More Effectively
  • Conflict Management:  Getting to the Win-Win
  • The Case for Inclusion: Your Competitive Advantage
  • Team Building:  Let’s Do This Together
  • Working with People Who Are Different Than You
  • Fostering a Respectful Workplace
  • Age Is Just A Number...It's Really About Inclusion
  • Gender Communication:  Stereotypes, Strengths and Strategies 
  • Generational Divides = Success
  • Your Leadership Toolkit
  • The ERG as Change Agents
  • Allies & Working with Other ERG's
  • Diversity Councils: Best Practices
  • Ask for What You Want: Women and Negotiations
  • Micromessages
  • Bystanders Training
  • EEO and Ethics
  • See Your Culture as a Strength
  • Can Women REALLY Have it All?
  • Harassment, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leading and Managing a Diverse Team
  • Business Casses for LGBTA ERG's
  • Unlocking a World of Possibilities